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If you would like to incorporate a musical instrument, like a violin, on your church wedding ceremony, you might be thinking about how much music to have the artist play. You can find live wedding entertainment specialists online. 

Should the artist play the entire ceremony? 

Instruments add such a fantastic accent to a service and make it a personal and memorable occasion, and as you’ll be paying him or her, you use the tool on every piece, correct? 

Can the tool perform independently or does it require accompaniment? 

The reason you are likely thinking of having tool wedding music on your ceremony is the most likely to make it extra special. 

It is going to be special for the first couple of minutes and then everyone is going to be accustomed to it. 

Rather, if you use the tool for a few, but not all the music, it is going to seem more special when it’s heard. 

The music that is not played with the instrument can be performed with the church’s piano or organ. 

How does the tool work by itself? 

Certain instruments work tremendously well independently while others work best in conjunction with others. 

Flutes and trumpets, by way of instance, are instruments that are better utilised in combination with a different tool (although both can effectively play with an occasional bit completely solo). 

If your preferred tool is one best used in conjunction, plan accordingly. 

By way of instance, a solo violin throughout the service will sound fantastic, but with all the variety provided when you have it perform accompanied sometimes, the service will seem much better! 

Consider mixing it up so there is a bit where the solo instrument is totally solo (if it is a tool that works well entirely solo) and at least one bit in conjunction with the organ or piano. 

The exclusion: groups of tools 

The exception to this is if instead of having one solo musician, you have many musicians, like a string ensemble. In cases like this, it may still be a fantastic idea to reach a balance by making use of the organ or piano, either in conjunction or solo for variety.  

However, you can much more readily use the tools for all of the service’s music in this instance.  Here is Apollo Soul’s website for you to explore their prices, song list and more. 


The most important thing you should remember is if you are considering including solo instrumental wedding songs, you normally shouldn’t plan to use it for all of the music on your ceremony. 

We have available a church wedding music planning guide which comes with countless music ideas, all suitable for a church wedding.


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